Our Reviewer application system has closed for the inaugural 2017 application review and selection cycle. We do anticipate needing community volunteer reviewers for the 2018 cycle so please check back next fall. The application cycle will open in January 2018. Thank you for your interest and we hope you will check back.


Preferences for Reviewers:

  1. Individuals with the time to volunteer for training and reviewer duties during the time frame of January – May each year, with special intensity of time in March-April
  2. Individuals that do not have family members or close friends applying for KCS awards
  3. Individuals representing all six counties eligible for KCS
  4. Minimum age 21
  5. As a group, diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, age, and/or gender
  6. As a group, come from varied career backgrounds: Corporate or Small Business, Education, Technology, Manufacturing, Health, Retail, Wholesale, Personal Services, Nonprofit, Faith-Based, etc.
  7. If possible, volunteers might have knowledge or experience with issues/challenges facing individuals pursuing a college degree

Reviewers Must:

  1. Complete an application form and any screening process
  2. Complete a Conflict of Interest Form, including explicit text and then training on how to identify a potential conflict of interest and then recusing from review if a conflict of interest exists
  3. Attend and complete all required or additionally requested training sessions (include training of implicit bias and recusal for potential conflict of interest)
  4. Complete all required program evaluations and/or surveys for data and research purposes
  5. Maintain required confidentiality with all KCS policies/procedures and applicant information
  6. Exhibit words and actions consistent with the philosophy of the KC Scholars program
  7. Have a home computer with sufficient speed and secure internet access
  8. Have sufficient ability to operate their home computer using common office software programs
  9. After training session, have the demonstrated ability to independently use the KC Scholars portal
  10. Make a minimum commitment of two years (rigorously evaluated each year)
  11. Reviewers report to the Schools and Community Outreach Coordinator for KC Scholars
  12. Reviewers are unpaid volunteers, but may receive tokens of appreciation or recognition, and/or invitations to KCS events
  13. Initially, reviewers will be trained on general procedures and all three program components, but may be assigned to review in one component or more, depending on application counts and the background of the interviewer

The following are ineligible to serve as scholarship reviewers:

  1. Current college admissions or financial aid staff
  2. Current KC Scholars Implementation Committee members and/or KC Scholars Board members
  3. Current KC Scholars or Kauffman Scholars scholarship recipient

Individuals that will be Carefully Filtered as to Applications Reviewed:

  1. Any school personnel so they do not review students in the school
  2. Employers so they do not review their own employees

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